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Mom & Papa on a night out w/friends

Surprising Mom on her bday at the Museum

The 6 doggies meet at Stacy & Tim's

Mel & Geoff & kids w/Stac at Aunt Anne's camp

A view of the beautiful ranch country

Vanna & Robt coming in from a ride

Inshira & Vanessa

The sisters out for a horseback ride!

Chris holding Vanna's dogs

Vanna & Robert's cat smiles for camera

The beautiful porch to top

View of Vanna's house from barn

Brad & Jeff sharing a bday cake

Rachel & Trevor w/Uncle Tim & Aunt Chris

At Children's Museum w/Grammy

Bonnie & Clyde hanging out

Early morning cuddling (Trevor, Grammy)

June '02 Vacation at Grammy's: Rachel w/ "cool cat" Clyde

May '02, just prior to running the KAC race: Tim, Jim, Chris, Stac, Tom Riddler

May '02, shortly after race ended (Chrissy was #3 in her age category, another win for her!)

The race begins (left) & Jim crosses the finish line (above)

Christina crosses the finish line

Tom & Tim cross the finish line

May '02, Stacy crosses the finish line to top

May '02, Rachel Marie dancing for Grammy in her Irish dance recital costume

May '02 Dad & Trevor training Moose!

May '02 Rachel & Mommy training Cocoa

Aren't we cute? Back to top

We didn't mean to get in the roses, Dad!

March '02, Brad home for a visit, enjoying the company of family & friends Back to top

Feb '02, Trevor celebrates 5th b-day by helping Mommy decorate (above) & riding his new bike from Mom & Dad! (right)

Feb '02, celebrating Trevor's b-day! to top

January '02, celebrating Chris's b-day!

Christmas 2001 at Mom & Papa's

'01 Trevor & Rachel leaving Santa's snack

Xmas Eve cuddling w/Grammy before bedtime

Xmas '01 morning reading Santa's letter

Xmas '01 Mommy & Rachel w/Buster!

Xmas '01 Rockin' & Jammin'

Xmas '01 Playing w/her Pixster

Xmas '01 Trevor in windowsill w/his Pixtar

Xmas '01 Dad & kids w/SONY Playstation

Xmas '01 Mom & Trevor assembling

Xmas '01 Dad & Trevor making ice cream

Xmas '01 Papa & Rachel making cookies

Xmas '01 Trying out the new scooters

Xmas '01, opening presents at Mom's

The girls enjoying

Tim checking out present to he & Stacy from Chrissy & Jim

Christmas 2001 at Stacy & Tim's

Jim & Tim thanking Papa! Back to top

11/01 Thanksgiving dinner at Stac & Tim's

11/01 Tim stoking the fireplace

11/01 Tim's family enjoying back porch

11/01 The sisters with Rachel Marie

11/01 Rachel & Trevor on winding stairs

11/01 Melanie & Tim's Mom Back to top

12/01 Grammy brings a present

Yeah! It's Harry Potter costumes!
Tto top

4-16-01 An 8th birthday for Rachel Marie

Talking to Aunt Vanessa on the phone

Chelsea and her "little brothers"

Trevor watches sis get ready to blow out candles -- where have the years gone...

Fun at the park w/Grammy & Poppa

Back to top

3-22-01 Josha sends love from CA, "picture of me at work.. on the cell phone.. look at all those computers.. looks like I'm in the middle of the death star"! Back to top

3-18-01 Grammy, Trevor, Rachel, & Mimi at Sesame Street Live, Stanley Theatre

A great view from only 14 rows back! A fun-filled day, capped off by pizza at Aunt Stacy/Uncle Tim's house
To top

When CT gets hit w/a Nor'Easter Daddy & Rachel build a fort!

Trevor wearing the 4-yr old b-day crown at school party!

His friends enjoyed songs & fun

Mommy had a special cake!

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