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December 2001 A Changing World
September 2001 Utica OD online Web Phases

July 2001 Outages and Glows

April 2001 Mending Nets

February 2001 Pumping with Power

December 2000 Holiday Sites & Greatness Within
July 2000 Tech Trends & Moving Milestones
May 2000 Trends & Defining Moments
January 2000 Looking Backward & Forward
December 1999 Newspaper Article

Boilermaker & Hall of Fame

Woodstock Mohawk Valley
Fun Tech Quizzes & Other Stuff
Jokes & Thoughtful Stuff Page

Ballet Slippers: The Pace of Change
Best is Yet to Come: Are You Ready?
Birthdays & Drucker: Management Strategies
Caring & Compassion: Leadership Transformation
CLIO: The Importance of Advertising and Marketing
Comdex '97: Live from the Press Room in Las Vegas
Communication: China's Future & Some Comic Relief
Era of Connectivity©: The New Millennium Approach
Diana, Mother Teresa, and the Bill Gates Approach
Future Trends, Online Providers and ISP's
Global Marketplaces and Heroes
Indonesia and Hewlett-Packard
Intelligent Decisions and Rainbows
Internet Trends and Dream PCs
Java, Y2K Bug, and Orangemen
Leadership, Legacy, and Privacy
Lessons Learned from the SuperBowl
The Magic's in the Journey and the Dream
Merced, Chips, and Web Marketing
Mindshare Battle and A Fun Quiz
Mom's Mindshare and Fun Quiz 2
Mother's Day and
Women Pioneers
New Products and the
SOHO Market
Olympic Spirit, METCON, and Rotary International
Reno to Dallas with
Web Angels
The Senate,
Online Data, and Moore's Law
Software Programs and Winning Web Sites
Brain Cells, and Talent
Telecoms, Coaches, and Thanksgiving
The Mark of
Champions: Do You Have It?
To Err is Human: The Lessons from
Deep Blue
Virtual Trade Shows: Technology's Future

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