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Feb '02, Trevor w/Uncle Greg & Aunt Fran (above) and Rachel w/Mimi (right)

Showing Pepe his bike (left) and opening un-bday presents w/sister Rachel (above)

Opening presents on her 8th b-day

A happy April 01 weekend for all of us

Family dogs in CA (Jasper w/Vanna)

& NY (Clara & Bella, Jake & Pebbles)

Oh, he sure loves Daddy Robert!

Hey Miah, I wanna be up on family page!

Hey, what's going on? That's what Jake looked like when he first arrived 4 months ago. Look at him now!

Bonnie & Clyde happily hang out in the office & cuddle in the sunshine. to top

Fairmont Princess Resort, Scottsdale, AZ

Mom/Grammy presenting keynote speech at Int'l Conf in Scottsdale, AZ 12-00

Trevor & Rachel selling lemonade at their tag day sale!

And a new puppy joins Mommy Vanna!

Fun day with family & friends

Sept 2000, celebrating Stacy & Tim's birthdays!

Having pool fun w/the Aunt's

Dinner out w/Grammy

Dancin' to the jukebox!

Checking out a dinosaur!

Playing at the Children's Museum

Great shots of Trevor & Rachel by Dad

The families newest dog, Jake, poses with his Mommy in Grammy's office

Jake meets his cousins, Clara and Bella, for a romp in Grammy's back yard

Taking a break for a drink of water!

Playing with Aunt Tina & the ball!

Checking out Rachel & Trevor's slide!

Jake knows where he can hide!

Dad took some great shots of Mom enjoying herself at Disney. Question: who's hugging who? <G>

Dad takes picture of Mom, Rachel & Trevor at their 7/00 Disney World vacation!

Snuggling up to Pluto is great fun!

Minnie waves to Mom & Dad while Rachel & Trevor give her a hug at Disney in FL

5/00 Aunt Tina with her new lab puppies

6/00 Clara & Bella growing & happy

Rosie & Mommy w/Trevor & Rachel waiting for school bus on Rachel's last day of first grade

Enjoying a Sunday barbecue at Stacy & Tim's with new barbecue patio joined by Pebbles & nephew T.J.

Planting shrubs & flowers for Mother's Day

Bonnie (on porch) checking out new family pets

Geoff's lifetime dream becomes a reality with a Harley!

A new VW for Tim, and smiles from the happy couple!


Let's see which family member can click this button first!

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