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Want to Succeed in the Digital Era?
You need a Web site that's attractive, quick to load, easy to find. We guarantee that. Contact us for:
* a Web page design that boosts business,
* communicates information interactively,
* is easy to navigate and generates response,
* or a facelift on a site that's sitting there stagnant.





Interested in a quote for a new Web site? redesign of an existing Web site? Want to have your business seen by millions, for a nominal fee?

All you have to do is fill out our easy online Website design form..

We also provide low-cost marketing of your products / services online.

Call us at 315-853-1318, fill out our Contact form, or E-mail us for our affordable rates!

Check out some of our client sites, & our web hosting packages!

Our expert, and proven award winning web design team will create a unique site for you, keep it current & ensure search engines find your site when people surf the Web for your product or service!

We can provide you with:

  • web design, redesign, maintenance
  • web hosting with fast reliable servers
  • your own domain name/email aliases
  • animation, javascript, shockwave
  • interactive forms, autoresponders
  • electronic newsletters, shopping carts
  • customized logos and artwork
  • uniquely designed site work for you!

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With traditional and technical experience and leading-edge expertise, our design team will create the look you want, and our programming team will write the language you need. This will ensure your online investment will give you a website second to none.

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Why do you or your business need a Website?

The Internet, another dimension of a well-rounded advertising strategy, won't replace traditional advertising, but here's what a Website can do:

  • Give your business a 24-hour/ 7-day per week presence to which customers can go at their convenience-- they can shop your store, or get information about your products or services, any time of the day or night!
  • Give your customers detailed, up-to-date information that is costly to keep current in catalogs and brochures, but a cinch to add to a Website.
  • Provide direct communication with your customers through an easy-to-learn electronic mail system--to help you offer even better customer service!
  • Expand your market--people can "walk-in" to your site from around the block, the continent, or around the globe!
  • Make traditional advertising more effective--publicize your Website in all the other advertising you do. That will bring them to your website where you have more room to give them the information, the pictures, and the answers they need!

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Why us? Let's get right to it. You've come to the website to see if we're the designer for you. I'm not going to waste your time. You want to find out what my prices are, how much you can get for your money, and how can you get your site to come up in the top 20 of all search engines. Right? Okay. Let's talk. First you have to ask yourself three questions and answer them so that, in the end, you're going to be satisfied that you've made the right choice.

1.) What will set your business or home site apart from the millions of others that are currently on the Internet? Good question. By this time you've surfed the net and checked out what others are doing. You pretty much have an idea of what catches your eye. You know what sites are coming up in the "top 20" of the search engines. It's called keeping your eye on the "competition".

2.) What is the benefit of having a site on the Internet as compared to distributing the traditional brochure? You just paid a printer megabucks for that nice brochure. You sent it out to prospective clients, paying dearly for the database, addressing all of them (more money for the labels and printing and postage) and kissed them goodbye at the Post Office. After all of that, you may get a 1-2% response from your mailing. If you were to take information from that brochure and put it on the internet in a well designed manner, for a fraction of the cost you get global exposure for no additional cost. All you have to do is follow up on the email responses you receive directly from your site.

3.) Why should you hire someone else to design your site when there are free programs and/or beginners who's do it nearly free? You work at least 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday at your day job. Eat dinner, and finally get to sit in front of the computer at 7pm. You downloaded that freeware HTML editor. Two months later you're no further than you were when you downloaded the program. Let's do some simple math. At your day job, you earn $12/hour. You now work 3 hours per night (x5), 5 hours per weekend day (x2) for 8 weeks trying to create a quality site. The math? Technically you just spent $2,400 for a "do-it-yourself" website.

The bottom line is that I've already gone through that learning curve, and have designed several award-winning websites. I have expertise in:

HTML editing - All sites are equally viewed in any browser.
Graphic design - Unique design instead of boilerplate stuff.
Marketing - Search engine submissions are time consuming and exacting. Many tools of the trade are tied into knowing websites can get placed with specific search engines.
Javascript and CGI - Adding glitz such as formmail scripts for your feedback forms, flash movies, and other elaborate scripting such as shopping carts is there for the asking. I and my talented associates can do this at a fraction of what others would charge.

Hosting - We also offer affordable hosting with a top-notch server. Believe me - if I can trust them with my online business, they're the best! So, if you'd like your Internet presence to be all that it CAN be, whether it's a completely designed site, a makeover, customized graphics and/or logos, then maybe technotouch is the designer for you! If you'd like to find out, fill out our easy online web design form.

Any journalist or anyone in the marketing profession knows these words well. Every question must be answered by everyone, and everyone has a different answer. If you consider the millions of people who have a need to be on the Internet, the reasons for their internet presence are just as numerous.

WHO? Anyone. Whether you're a Real Estate Agent who wants to let people know how to find you or you're a CEO who decided your business has to enter the e-commerce realm, the "who" is the visionary.

WHAT? A web site can be broken down into three (5) Levels. They are: Entry, Small Business, Not-for-Profit, Company, Corporate, Commercial, and Ultimate. A new parent or a grandparent would want a basic site. The RE Agent would want a company site. The CEO... a commercial site.

WHERE? In order to have a site, you will need 'web space'. Internet Service Providers provide not only dialup, but web space... for a fee. There are many out there, and the price can vary greatly.
When? From the time you decide to have a site to actual implementation, it could take anywhere from one week to 2 months depending on the "what".

HOW? Fill out our Online Webdesign Form to give me an idea of what you need and want. I've tried to narrow down some basic costs involved in purchasing a site. Once your request is received, I will email you with a quote. If you decide to use my services, I will require 50% downpayment. The site will then be designed and uploaded to my own server for you to review. When you are completely satisfied with the design, the site will be uploaded to the server you choose. Normal turnaround time is less than 30 days. The balance is due at that time.

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CLIENTS - To give you an idea of what we can do for you, here is a sampling of some of the web sites we've created.

RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) (w/ Int'l committee)

The Children's Museum (w/ Kids Events interactive calendar)

The Arc of OLC (with interesting flash and news)

WomenLeadersOnline (w/ interactive calendars & neat flash)

Christopher Columbus School (also in Spanish)

Rotary District 7150 (with unique searchable database)

Bernadette Romano, Family Court Judge (with background)

Rotary Youth Exchange (with students from around the world)

Regent Broadcasting (with neat shockwave & javascript)

MarmeL Consulting Firm (with java applet, multiple forms, shopping cart)

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Best of Worldwide Rotary Web sites
* Award Winner * Starting Page Award Winner * Young Politicians of American Award Winner


"Marlene Brown and her TechnoTouch Team designed and maintain our web site. Marlene's knowledge of unique and leading-edge web design and maintenance, plus her copywriting ability, advertising and marketing expertise, make her and her company a valuable asset as we combine offline and online business." - Bob McDowall, CEO-GiftBarn

"Marmel Consulting created the web page design for our company. They were sensitive to our needs, flexible and easy to work with. They continue to adapt our web page to the ever changing needs of our business. We are very pleased." - Donald Miller, CEO-Anionics

"Marlene Brown and her TechnoTouch Team's design of our web site and its unique shopping cart, have allowed us to take advantage of the wave of electronic commerce. She and her company are a pleasure to do business with." - Debby & Bill Waskiewicz, Chesters Flowers

"Dear Marlene, When you told me you could create a web site and get it placed in the first three pages under Yahoo and Altavista, I was skeptical. You've created a great web page for me! When we went to 7 out of 281 on Yahoo, it was 'WOW'! but AltaVista was the real test. Today we are 30 out of 12,448 in Altavista and only 5 of those are real companies. 'INCREDIBLE!' If you believe as I do that the web is a vast potential and are looking for an edge, Technotouch and Marlene Brown can give you that." Richard Holohan, President, Able2Collect

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TechnoTouch Web Design is a subsidiary of TechnoTouch Marketing Associates. Our philosophy is simple: to provide the best quality web design to our clients. We can create websites that can be complex or simple, depending upon your needs.

We believe that winning web sites (and we've designed two international first and second place award winning sites) have five criteria: 1.) They load fast; 2.) They're asthetically pleasing; 3.) They're easy to navigate; 4.) They contain valuable content; and 5.) They're kept current and up-to-date. We strive to make sure all the sites we design follow this criteria.

From simple mouseover menus (like the ones on our buttons at the bottom of the page) to complex databasing systems, we can create that for you. Our web designers are experienced artistic coders who can create custom graphics ranging from simple clipart images to complex 3D images and animations.

Click here for our most recent article.

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TechnoTouch Web Design is committed to designing and creating for you a quality website. With that in mind, here are different services we offer in our website design.

HTML creation

Custom Imaging

In-house Scanning

On-site Digital Pictures

Multimedia Design

Custom JavaScripting

Custom Flash & Shockwave

CGI Programing, Gateway

Domain Name Registration

Search Engine Registration

Database Management

Site Catalog

Shopping Cart

Domain Hosting Services

Client Page Management

Web Marketing Free Subscription

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HTML Creation

HTML is a code, the heart of a web page, which allows table formatting, page design setup, etc. - all those things you see in a web browser. Our designers are very familiar with the most recent HTML techniques of the World Wide Web.

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Custom Imaging

Our web designers are also very capable graphic designers. We can create an image the way you like, manipulate existing images, and even animate and/or customize .gif files for you.

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Multimedia Enhancements

We have the ability to add sound and music to your sites, including your voice via real audio, your business jingle, QuicktimeVideo.

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In House Scanning

Our office scanner can take your printed images and/or photographs and digitize them into a format that our computers can manipulate for use in custom imaging.

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On Site Digital Photography

Our digital cameras allow us to visit your site and take photographs in a format that is immediately readable by our computer systems.

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Custom Javascripting

We have created numerous javascript codes which we can customize to add pizzaz to your site.

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Custom Flash & Shockwave design

We can create dynamite flash & shockwave to set your site apart from the rest.

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CGI Programing

We do form mail, giving you the ability to have a visitor fill out a form and then e-mail it to you, we create unique calendars where you can instantly input info yourself.

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Search Engine Registration

We can submit your site to numerous Web Search Engines which enables visitors to type in keywords that relate to your website. This allows for wider access to your site, instead of being one among millions.

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Domain Name Registration

TechnoTouch Web Design can give you your own name. Surfers could visit your site at

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Virtual Domain Hosting

We can then point to our TechnoNet server. This gives you 5 virtual e-mail addresses, giving you a larger presence on the net with multiple e-mail addresses such as:,, etc.

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Database Management

We allow you to import an existing database into your website for the ability to call upon information in that database such as products, prices and inventory.

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Site Catalog

If you have a limited number of products you'd like to sell from your web site, we can add thumbnail pictures of these, and make them available via credit card or checking account.

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Shopping Cart

If you have a fairly large number of products you'd like to sell from your web site, a shopping cart is easier for customers to use and better equipped to handle web sales.

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Client Page Management Services

We offer you the option of having us keep your web site current and up-to-date by adding new information on a weekly or monthly basis, + periodically resubmitting to search engines to stay among the top!

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Web Marketing Free eGroup Subscription to stay current.

Subscribe to WebMarketers

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Excerpts from WEB DESIGN article 0/1/99:

A recent Retail Shopping Report reveals that retail revenues from online shopping worldwide (which totaled an estimated $1.8 billion worldwide in 1997) will increase by 784% over the next four years, from $4.5 billion by year-end 1998, to $35.3 billion by 2002. eMarketer reports, "While this year's online shopping sales will top $4.5 billion, it pales in comparison to the business-to-business side of e-commerce which will reach $15.9 billion by year's end. It will also be dwarfed by consumer-oriented catalogs which sold over $51 billion last year, 10 times the amount sold online to consumers."

Print can stun the reader with high-impact visualization, but the online medium ultimately wins because of the user engagement that is made possible by non-static design elements. There are so many differences between the two media that it is necessary to take different design approaches to utilize the strengths of each medium and minimize its weaknesses. Print design is based on letting the eyes walk over the information. Web design functions by letting the hands move the information.

Look everywhere in Cyberspace and you can find hundreds of places to host your site. Sign up, purchase lots of "space" and wait for all those customers you expect to rush over to buy the worthy products or information you have to offer. After all, you know there are millions of people all over the world who use the Internet daily with millions more getting signed up every year. With these numbers, it should be simple to bring tons of people to your site and sell to your heart's content. Only no one comes - at least not the numbers of prospects that you anticipated. What's missing is traffic. In order to avoid becoming a "cyber-statistic", a dropout who blames the "over-rated" Internet for your lack of success, your site needs to meet the following criteria: be designed, submitted, and kept current, so those millions browsing the Web can find you. What are you waiting for?


 CHECK IT OUT - Need to reach the worldwide audience that wants and needs the info or expertise you have? Techno Mktg can put your URL or info about your products and services on the sites people visit when they want to solve a problem. We can also design or redesign your web site, and write your unique online business newsletter. Interested in this Net marketing opportunity? Contact us.

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