Rachel's 1st grade play, and pictures taken by Trevor & Rachel, May of 2000

Rachel Marie's 1st grade school play!

Rachel's (in pink dress on R.) with classmates

WOW - wasn't she great there?!

After the play w/classmates & Trevor

Grammy looking at Rachel's storybook

Momma with her two special children

Trevor James & Momma are so proud

And the happy space mouse smiles her thanks

Trevor takes a picture of the ducks at Stew's farm

Grammy snaps a shot of Trevor in the "Lovemobile"

Trevor takes a picture of the rooster at Stew's

Grammy throws a coin in the wishing well

Trevor takes his turn with the well

Making his wish before throwing his coin!

The goat tries to get in the barn with the cows!

The baby chicks cuddle up with the lamp

Back home, Rachel takes a picture out the window

Another unique view & shot by Rachel

Trevor poses for a picture in his cute way

Look how big I am next to Dad!


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