Christina runs KAC Race, June of 2000

Just before start of KAC race -- 6/3/00

Mom/Grammy & Stacy waiting at finish line

And here she comes down the final stretch!

Rounding the corner in front of us

Finish line's right in front of her!

First after-the race picture!

Proud Mommy looks on another year

Our beautiful family jock

Sister Stacy cheered her on

Pebbles & Uncle Tim congrat Aunt Christina

And the winners are announced...

Once again Christina takes 1st in her age group!

Receiving the Clintonian Master Female award!

Two medals: one for Clara, one for Bella!

Smiles from cousins Patty and Fred

Frank Perreta's wife also a winner

Bob Ingalls & family, Family Team winners

Way to go, Christina!

Waiting for pictures from CA & FL -- from Vanessa, Miah, Joshie, and Uncle Brad!


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