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Managing Change for 21st Century Leadership

Marlene's best-selling book -- now in its 2nd edition -- shows the reader, how to navigate with insight and humor the waves of change sweeping over us. Brown has a magical way of weaving stories that results in a spiritual, philosophical approach to the direction individuals and organizations must take to be successful now and into the 21st Century. Written in fast-paced dialogue form, this book takes the reader on an adventurous journey from stagnant pond life to a sea full of energy. TechnoTouch will show you how to profitably combine high tech with high touch, thus gaining a competitive advantage in your business and with your customers. You'll also discover how to value and enjoy the process. $14.95 US $17.95 Int'l

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TechnoTouch II:
High Tech + High Touch = High Return

Marlene's latest book shows you, the reader,
how to combine High Tech Advertising with
High Touch Relationship Marketing for
High Return Sales and Profits.

Topics covered include:
Creating a USP that sets you apart
Getting Prospects to take action
Creating Powerful Advertising Copy
Promoting your business successfully
Understanding and Utilizing the 'Net
Marketing on the World Wide Web
Getting and Keeping new business
$29.95 US $34.95 Int'l

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TechnoTouch Trends©: 21st Century Strategies, Tools, and Techniques
  • This quarterly newsletter, published by Technotouch Marketing, features the latest
    in future trends, cutting-edge technology,
    plus sales and marketing news and ideas
    from Marlene Brown and other experts in
    the field. A newsletter designed to inform
    and entertain, one you'll look forward to.

    $49.95 US $59.95 Int'l

Marlene's expertise makes her a favorite media guest, and quoted authority in her field. Contact her for date availability.

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