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Chris & Jim's home (View more pix)

Stacy & Tim's home (View more pix)

Mel & Geoff's home (View more pix)

Pictures of Brad's house coming?

Pictures of Vanna's house coming?

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Chris & Jim's new home in Waterville!

What a view, especially at sunset!

The doggies enjoy romping

Barbecuing in the back yard

Christina & doggies in beautiful living room

Chrissy enjoying the music

Oh, Grammy's on the couch -- yeah!

Super view out the master bedroom window

The beautiful bright kitchen

Great view from the kitchen table

Let's head upstairs

Great new double-sink bathroom!

Heading into the upstairs den

Great airy room with a view

The all-important bathroom

Check out the neat tiled floor

Heading downstairs again

The purty guest bedroom

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Stacy & Tim's new home in Waterville!

Property includes a fenced in area!

Stacy & Robert view the front

Beautiful window & door treatment

Mel & Vanna walk the property w/Stac

Beautiful big back deck

Back lawn for kids to play on

Beautiful country view

View of the property as you approach

Corner view of the property
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Melanie & Geoff's new home in Newburgh

The beautiful kitchen

Grammy & kids in breakfast area

The formal dining room

The wet bar

View from kitchen of the great room

The front door entrance

View into the living room

Trevor riding his bike at new home

Rachel riding bike, Daddy putting lawn in

A view up the stairs

Geoff & Earl in the kitchen

The Rock where Rachel wrote family message

Cuddled up with Mommy in chair

Ready to take a ride w/Melanie!

Picture of Mom & Trevor taken by Rachel

Above: Swimming in the hotel pool w/Grammy. Right: Doing an Irish jig first day in new house!

Rachel & Papa helping unpack dining room

Mommy & Rachel adding their special touch

Trevor, unpacking boxes with Daddy, "look what I found, Grammy"!

Enjoying the jacuzzi bath!

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Especially when Mommy puts in lots of bubbles!

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