Trevor & Rachel Vactioning page 2 at Grammy Brown's, June of 2000
Swimiming, Party w/Friends & Family, Field Days & Parade!

Aunt Stacy & Trevor having fun

Rachel & Alex swimming in the pool

Aunt Tina blowing bubbles for Trevor

Aunt Tina, Rachel & friend Alex

Rachel, Alex, Trevor, Aunt Stacy

Trevor's friend TJ on Uncle Tim's back

Rachel , Alex, and Trevor in yard

Trevor, Rachel & Alex playing

Field days "Go-Gator" ride!

Trevor & Rachel on Safari car ride

Trevor's favorite ride w/sister Rachel

Smiles for Grammy & Poppa

Hey, this is fun!

Grammy on the Crazy School Bus ride!

Rachel & Trevor on Helicopter ride

Piloting that helicopter was sure fun!

Friend Alex joined us for parade

Getting food for the parade

Rachel & Trevor on hood of Lovemobile

Front row view of the parade, in the shade!

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