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12-25-03 Sammy smiles at his first Christmas

12-25-03 Hanging out in his Santa suit w/Mom & Dad

12-25-03 Aunt Tina comes to visit

12-25-03 Grammy giving Clara & Bella Xmas presents

12-19-03 Hey, family, guess what? I'm two months old already, cooin' & gooin' & smilin'!

12-19-03 And my Daddy adores me!

12-19-03 Grammy & I like to cuddle & talk

11-7-03 Hey family, I'm looking forward to meeting you at my baptism!

11-7-03 Comfy and full w/Mommy

11-7-03 Which one's napping?

10-26-03 Sammy's 1 week old today!

10-26-03 Hey world, you're kind of cool!

10-26-03 Left: hanging on to Grammy's finger & his 1st Halloween rattle; Above: watching himself on video Daddy took the day he was born!

10-19-03 Samuel Allan Butcher joins the family

10-20-03 Proud Mommy, Stacy, & Sam cuddle

10-20-03 Three generations with happy smiles

10-20-03 Proud Daddy, Tim, talking to his son

10-20-03 I weighed 9 lbs. 3 oz, 22 1/2" long!

10-20-03 Proud Grammy Brown holding Sam

Above: 10-20-03 Daddy dressing Sam; Right: Ah, it feels good to be all wrapped up snug!

10-03 in Wallkill, NY: Rachel takes care of dogs while Papa cooks & Trevor sets table

10-03 in Wallkill, NY: Rachel practicing her instrument while Trevor reads to Papa

10-03: Christina addressing her field hockey team, who look at her with affection & respect

10-03: Mom & Stacy congratulate our fav coach!

Above: 8-03 NY: L. to R. Brad, Stacy, Tim, Rachel, Trevor, Geoff, Melanie, Grammy under tree on lawn. Left: 10-03: Aunt Sandy & grandchildren & Aunt Anne visit the Children's Museum

Stacy surprised Brad w/a birthday cake!

Family barbeque on Grammy's back patio

And of course, the family ball games on the side lawn

Stacy's baby shower hat w/Melanie

9-03 in California: Grammy & Miah glad to see each other

9-03 And a great big hug by Joshie when he arrives at ranch to see Grammy after seven long years

A picture of Miah & Josha as wee ones

& a picture of Miah & Josha as young boys

Mom, Miah, Grammy & Joshie pose for picture

Mom joins the ball game & hits it out of the park!

Robert & Vanna getting ready for a ride on Inshira

A toast between a Grammy & her grandsons

Joshie & Grammy giving lovies to Moses

Serenaded by Miah w/Vanna enjoying

A view of Vanna's ranch from the back corner

A view of the barn at Vanna's ranch

The beautiful front porch at the ranch

The beautiful back porch at the ranch

Vanna & Robt's living room at the ranch

Vanna's office at the ranch

Mom giving a back massage while Shanna looks on

The boys hanging out in the ranch kitchen

Giving Grammy a going away present

Vanna & her two special sons

Sophie at Vanna & Robt's ranch

Jasper at Vanna & Robt's ranch

9-03 NY: Stacy getting ready to blow candles out

Stacy & Tim's formal living room

Stacy & Tim's dining room

The Butcher's kitchen

A view of Stac & Tim's house from the front

A view of Stac & Tim's house from the back

A view off Stac & Tim's back patio

Celebrating Stacy's bday: L. to R. Tammy, MaryLyn, Tim, Stac, Jim, Christina, TJ, Grammy Brown

Stacy & Tim beside Baby B's bassinette

Tim beside Baby B's crib

July 31, 2003 soon so be Mommy, Stacy, brings Grammy her birthday cake

While Papa & Trevor "do battle" on the lawn

Christina & Rachel at Grammy's bday party

Trevor in center between Uncle Tim & Jim

Trevor & Rachel play swords w/Uncle Tim

Rachel w/new girly doll from Aunt Stacy

Trevor & Rachel head the first day to under their tree on Grammy's lawn to measure their height

Swimming in Grammy's pool

July 4, 2003 Vanna & Jasper talking to Mom on phone

July 4th, '03 Robert sends email picture live!

Biker Chick & Biker Dude getting ready

Mel & Geoff set off for their bike ride

Trevor up to bat at T-ball

Rounding the bases!

Heading to home

Made it!

Playing shortstop & first base

Getting high 5'd by the coach

Good game high 5's with other team

With his team on the bench

Left: A proud dad & his son at the end of the game; Above: Hugging a happy Grammy after the game

Receiving his trophy at pizza party

Back home, with a trophy smile

Left: Mommy's got hair & makeup all fixed and Rachel's ready to go! Above: Poppa and Rachel wait in auditorium for showtime

Rachel leading the class she assistant taught

Back again as chef's!

An angel dancing beautifully in her ballet costume

And sparkling in her group's jazz number

Left: Brother congratulates big sis; Above: Grammy gets a hug & kiss bye before heading home

Relaxing at home with the doggies

Helping Dad open his Father's Day present

Getting ready to roll

Heading out the driveway

January '03, Stac bring Chrissy's bday cake
Grammy gets special NASA pin from Admin O'Keefe

May 2003 Mother's Day Brunch at Al-Ham

Part of my wonderful family

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