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Romano becomes first female Family Court Judge

..... November 18, 2000

..... Election officials have declared Bernadette Romano the winner in the race for County Family Court Judge race. “I’m thrilled,” Romano said early Saturday afternoon on her way to the Oneida County Board of Elections office. “I’m thankful to the voters of the Oneida County.” The board tallied the final counts for all 209 election districts on Saturday, November 18th. Romano is the first female Family Court judge in Oneida County. Romano garnered 44,280 votes, to her Republican opponents 43,072 votes.

The term for Family Court judge, which begins in January, is a 10-year term. The annual salary is $125,000. Oneida County Family Court is the one of the busiest courts in the county judicial system, resolving nearly 14,000 cases in 1999. Its three judges preside over cases including child abuse, child support, custody, foster care, domestic violence, neglect and juvenile crime. Election officials said, "More than anything, this race showed that every vote does count.”

Romano thanked her family and the county for their support during the campaign. “Everybody was a huge help to me,” she said. “You can’t do this alone.” Romano is Oneida County’s first assistant district attorney and is in charge of the Oneida County District Attorney’s Office Special Victims Unit, which prosecutes cases of child sexual and physical abuse. Along with her long-awaited win, Romano said she is also the first woman to be elected to the position of Oneida County Family Court judge. “I’m proud of that,” she said.

Romano did good job handling tough case

..... Letter to the Editor from the Observer Dispatch 5/24/2000

..... On behalf of my daughter and family, I would like to thank Oneida County First District Attorney Bernadette Romano.
..... In September 1998, we began the most heart wrenching trauma of our lives. Ms. Romano not only took on the case of prosecuting a sexual predator; she took on the emotional baggage of my family. She was there to assure us that the justice legal system would prevail and justice would be served.
..... She was kind and compassionate to my then-13-year-old daughter. Her sensitivity is genuine. She was the strength and backbone for my daughter, before, during, and after the trial. In my daughter's own words, "I would have never been able to go through this without Bernie."
..... To watch Bernie prosecute a trial is amazing. Her diligence during a cross-examination is to be admired. She never wavered from the facts, never stooped to the charades the defense attorney enacted. The jury recognized her upstanding abilities and found the defendant guilty on all charges. Bernadette then weathered an appeal. Again, unanimously the appeal was denied, finding Berndadette's activity in full compliance. I am happy to say after a year and three months, the circus performed by the guilty party and his attorneys has filed. He is where he belongs, in prison.
..... To describe the First Assistant District Attorney in adjectives would be impossible. I know she has left an impression on me and my family, most of all my daughter. Our belief in the justice system has been stated by one woman, Bernadette Romano.
..... I know if anyone ever has to live this nightmare and Bernadette is by their side, they will sleep peacefully again.
. YVONNE EDDY, Stittville