"The Mark of a Champion: What Does It Take?" 6-98

How many champions have you know in your life? Are you a champion in your own right? Webster's Dictionary defines a champion as "one who defends a person or a cause", and "first among all competitors." Does this fly in the face of the collaborative marketing approach essential for personal and business success in today's world? Let me explain to why I don't think it does, but first, this week's mindshare quiz. What's a champion's mentality like? How did NPR save the show? Which one of the following is a "passive activity" - hearing or listening? What's one of the secrets of successful sales professionals? What are the latest stats on E-commerce growth? How are web sites being viewed today? What's going to be "always on" starting this September? What do people want technology speakers to do? What happened at the KAC race? What's important about June 4th? Why isn't "good enough" good enough anymore?

A champion never gives up. A champion is never content with just doing it -- whatever "it" is. A champion is always giving 100% of his or her time and energy. Just check out Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippin, Karl Malone, and John Stockton. Companies and people do this in different ways. When the communications satellite went awry and most of the 45 million pagers in the US fell silent, NPR (National Public Radio) engineers came to the rescue for its popular "All Things Considered" show. They put up a special web page for their affiliates and provided programming via the Internet using RealAudio.

Hearing -- which can be a passive activity -- is a natural for most of us; good listening requires a bit more work. To be an effective listener requires interpreting the words and evaluating the messages before resounding to what was said. Missing one of these steps may sabotage a sale. One of the secrets of successful professional sales people is a compelling passion for people -- caring so much about the burning needs that they add value to everything they touch. (If you'd like a Free demo of our latest TechnoTouch Selling interactive diskette, to see how well you communicate, click here http://www.technotouch.com/linkbks2.html We think you'll be surprised at what you learn.)

According to a new Deloitte & Touche study, the electronic commerce market is poised to experience 300% overall growth in the next two years. "Until now, businesses have been hesitant to adopt e-commerce because of security concerns or the perception that their customers simply aren't using it to buy products and services. Now, companies are coming to the realization that while security will always be an issue, it's less of a concern than missing out on a vital new channel that could provide a tremendous competitive advantage." I'm excited to be getting ready to offer an online e-commerce class for a client.

Web sites are being viewed today as business propositions. Servers, software, and staff are being upgraded. Consultants are being hired to create web sites whose design and search rankings will position their clients for 21st Century business today. Starting this September, Bell Atlantic will be among the first in the world to order "always-on" high-speed Internet access. The new service will employ ADSL technology and offer Net access speeds up to 7.1 megabits per second. 250 times faster than a traditional 28.8 kilobits-per-second modem. Surveys of meeting planners reveal that people want technology speakers who -- instead of throwing out terms that make people's eyes glaze over -- talk about the need to enthusiastically embrace technology, and to give them some answers on how technology is impacting on people's lives.

We've entered the Digital Age, and we're connected worldwide. It's exciting to some, scary to others. I was honored and humbled to receive a letter from a meeting planner yesterday about the impact I made at his meeting. If you're interested in his comments, click here http://www.technotouch.com/linkmtgp.html. Last weekend, the KAC race was held in my hometown of Clinton, NY. Two of my daughters ran in the race. One of them, a physical education teacher and fitness trainer, came in first in her age group for the sixth time in ten years (the other times she was second.) The other one held her own in a competitive field. They exemplified the spirit of champions. "Good enough" just doesn't cut it anymore. Going for the gold, every time out, does.

Why is today's date, June 4th, important? Why I thought you knew -- it's the birthday of my only son, Brad. Happy birthday, honey. I'm proud of you and your championship-like accomplishments. Have a great day, and to the rest of you, have a great week.

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