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Why should you have a Web site? And if you do have one, is it working for you? Nearly everyone's doing business on the Internet. According to a recent Business Week/Harris Poll survey, 24 percent of the executives surveyed say their companies use the Net to sell products or services directly to customers; 87 percent use the Net to distribute product information; 72 percent advertise or do brand marketing; and 61 percent provide customer service via the Net.

While the electronic retail market is still in its infancy, a number of recent studies predict that E-commerce is set for 300 percent overall growth in the next two years. While almost anyone can slap up a Web site, designing the site so people want to consider doing business with that company, and submitting it to the search engines so it comes up in the first 30 sites found, is crucial. The Net is the great leveler, and it is a global marketplace. The trend will be that everything that can be commoditized will be. Competitive pricing will not be enough to keep customers happy. You can only reduce prices so far and still stay in business, so how can you win and keep customers?

The best strategy is to differentiate yourself and be unique in how you care for your customers. Some of the keys that will earn you a Wow! from your customers are a unique blend of convenience and personalized service. When you become known as a company with a heart, who cares about its customers, create a positive company impression, have a business strategy of constant innovation, you'll reach some serious mindshare. More so than ever before, companies and fortunes will rise and fall based on the kind of service they give.

The necessity of a quality product goes without saying -- integrity matters. Service needs to be outstanding, and people need to be nice to others. Why aren't people nicer to others at times? Often it's because they don't have the tools needed to gain rapport with others, and communicate with others in a pleasant manner that gains respect and makes that all-important sale.

We've created an interactive software program called "TechnoTouch Selling" that's designed to help people learn the skills to provide that Wow! customer service. To receive a Free Demo Diskette of the program, go to our Web page at Click on that link and request one, to learn the Wow! experience. by Marlene B. Brown, CEO - MarmeL Consulting Firm

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