Mom's MindShare, A Fun Quiz, Weekly Joke 5-98

The sun doesn't always have to shine outwardly, as long as it shines inwardly. Such was the case yesterday. We had spent Saturday planting flowers in the yard, getting ready for a Mother's Day barbecue. Alas, Mother Nature decided it was, as usual, also her day. The predicted sunshine turned into on and off showers. It didn't dim the warm feeling generated by the day. Before I share why, let's take a brief 21 question quiz to see how your MindShare's operating this week.

In a recent survey, what "grade" did kids give Mom's? What percentage of mothers with children under 18 work outside the home? What percentage of the total household income is provided by working mothers? What do kids say matters most to them? What percent of Web users are male? ...female? Who's more task oriented on the Web -- males or females? Why are facts like these important to marketers? What did Bob Dole do recently? What online bookstore has the slogan, "The best selection in the world?" Who is the first profitable Internet bank in the country? How much did traffic to the average Web site grow in 1977? Who accepted a recent peace pact -- Arab/Israelis or Northern Ireland?

How many Net users are there currently worldwide? What percentage of Net users reside in North America? What percentage of Web pages are in English? What are the next five countries to come online in force? Which trait is more important in people who thrive in high-tech, high-stress jobs -- hard knowledge of technology, or soft skills? Who is Anna Jarvis? Who made the following not quite on target comments: "There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home?"; "Who the hell wants to hear actors talk?"; "Louis Pasteur's theory of germs is ridiculous fiction."

Now for the answers. In a recent study funded by the nonprofit Whirlpool Foundation, kids give their moms a resounding A+ when it comes to meeting their needs. More than two-thirds of mothers with children younger than 18 work outside the home. 57 percent of the total household income is provided by working mothers. Children say what matters most to them are the simplest acts of appreciation, such as "a hug and a kiss", and "saying I love you." Currently, 56 percent of Web users are male, while 40 percent are female. By 2005, women will comprise 60 percent of the online population.

According to Net Marketing Research, women are more task-oriented on the Web than the typical male. These are important facts to marketers, given that women make 70 percent of retail purchases in the non-virtual world. And I'll bet you knew this one! Bob Dole recently admitted he participated in early tests on the drug, Viagra. Last week, Border launched their "books and more" site with the slogan, "the best selection in the world." The first profitable Internet bank in the country is Net.Bank, out of Atlanta, whose total online deposits increased 19 percent last month. Traffic to the average web site grew 130 percent in 1997. Sinn Fein accepted the peace pact for Northern Ireland -- let's hope an Israeli/Arab peace pact isn't far behind.

According to Nua Internet Surveys' latest tally, there are currently 119 million Net users worldwide. Two-thirds of these users reside in North America. English is the unofficial language of the Net, with four of five web pages in English. The next five countries to come online in force are: Japan, Taiwan, Germany, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Studies conducted by two major universities show that, even though the technical know-how is important, the so-called "soft skills" -- intuition, the ability to process a lot of information, and decisiveness -- is more important to success in high-tech high-stress jobs.

Who's Anna Jarvis, and what generated my warm feeling yesterday? Click here to find out And to discover who made those not quite accurate predictions in the last 3 questions above, and to read "The Joke of the Week", click here Thanks for all your warm comments about last week's ezine. Have a great week.

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