The Battle for MindShare and a Fun Quiz ... 5-98

Never has the battle for mindshare been at more of a fever pitch than it is today. With consumer loyalty gone, and consumers drowning in information, what do you need to stay competitive? Before we look at this, let's take a brief 21 question quiz to see how much of the recent information deluging you has penetrated. What is it that most people want from the Internet? Is Windows NT 2000 compliant? Who is Douglas Engelbart? What's happening with the 'show about nothing'? Who won the Master's? What's the secret to wisdom in old age?

Which bank is the first to implement Internet SET? What is the biggest impediment to workplace productivity? Which of the following is used more, E-mail or phone? What's the Euro? Who's Real Quiet? What does service to others have to do with an observation by de Toqueville? Who celebrated their 50th? What's Digital Imaging? How much did travelers book over the Internet last year? What did Thomas Register discover about RFQ's? What's the biggest threat to your network security? Who's Sasha? Who said the following: "I think there is a world market for maybe five computers"; "Heavier than air flying machines are impossible"; "Stocks have reached what looks like a permanently high plateau"; "640K ought to be enough for anybody."

Let's tackle them one at a time. What consumers most want from the Internet is high speed access. At an industry conference today, the US cable television industry announced a new partnership. The TV, telecom, and technology industries got together to promise consumers faster Net access and data delivery needed. Their initiative parallels that of the phone companies, to win consumers hearts and minds with promises of easy access to high-speed connections. It's HDTV and ISDN versus Cable Modems.

A systems analyst in Texas was about to purchase two Windows NT 4.0 servers. He checked Microsoft's Year 2000 Resource Center and discovered Win NT 4.0 listed as Y2K-compliant, but "with minor issues." What irritated him most was that "Microsoft strongly recommends that customers deploy Windows NT 4.0 today...and plan for deployment of Windows NT 5.0 (which will be compliant) after the final release." Lost a sale here. Douglas Engelbart is the computer scientist who is receiving an award for his 30 years of work in the computer industry. Among his achievements are the development of multiple on-screen windows and the invention of the computer mouse.

The 'show about nothing', Seinfeld, airs its last show this Thursday. On the air for nine years, over the last year it has been the most watched show ever. Interesting statistical error: the initial test audience labeled it "weak." Favorite Jack Nicklaus made a thrilling Augusta run at what would have been his seventh Master's title. But Mark O'Meara snatched it away with a 20-foot birdie on the final hole. His close friend and defending champion, Tiger Woods, put the winner's green jacket on him.

There's a connection here with a recent discovery that aging mice who were kept in a stimulating environment grew more new brain cells than bored mice. Thus he secret to wisdom in old age may be as simple as keeping stimulated and interested in life. Bank of America will become the first company to implement SET (Secure Electronic Transaction) protocol for credit card payments over the Internet. They will complete a pilot of these services next week, and open their E-commerce gateway next month to 700 merchants, when they begin reselling Verifone's merchant software.

In a recent study, the Familles and Work Institute reported that productivity is far more likely to be hurt these days by job-related stress. Assuming that pay is competitive, the study revealed pay is far less important in keeping workers happy than the quality of work and supportiveness of a company. Respondents to the GVU's Web User Survey revealed that respondents use both E-mail and the phone with almost the same frequency, 96 percent and 98 percent respectively. Ernst and Young survey of HR executives indicated that E-mail has passed the telephone as their top means of workplace communication. The Euro is the new currency decided upon after a landmark agreement between 11 nations that will create a European economic union.

Real Quiet, who lost his first three starts this year, took the lead at the top of the stretch and soared home to win the Kentucky Derby. In the early days of our history, de Toqueville observed that Americans have a penchant for joining organizations. As years passed, service to others was a central principle inspiring people to join and become involved. We did that at a marvelous Aids Awareness OperaPops event this past weekend with Rotary colleagues. Israel marked its 50th birthday this past week with a jubilee uniquely Israel. A three-hour outdoor gala of military flyovers, smoky barbecues and fireworks, traced the country's history in song and dance. Digital Imaging, whose market grew 239% last year, is the name for the process of substituting a computer for old-fashioned photographic film. My Phillips digital camera and H-P color printer enable us to do everything from family photos to high-end business marketing.

Last year travelers booked $827 million worth of reservations over the Internet. A recent study commissioned by the Travel Industry Association estimates that figure will jump more than tenfold by 2002. Sasha is the bright Russian foreign exchange student we're presently hosting. This month, The Thomas Register of American Manufacturing found that buyers normally consider four suppliers during the purchasing process (two new and two repeat), and expect price quotes back in two days or less. Lead times are shortening for all of us, and responsiveness is more and more important. According to the Computer Security Institute, the biggest threat to your network's security comes from people inside your organization. Nearly 50 percent of network attacks come from unhappy workers on the inside.

Well, how did you do on the quiz? In the battle for mindshare, are you staying on top of those things that will keep you competitive? We're living in an era where we need to manage information, put it to work for us, and help our clients do the same. Are you ready to fully embrace the Digital Age, and assist your people in welcoming the exciting changes that are a part of our ever-closer journey into a new millennium? To find the answers to the remaining four questions above, AND discover a neat way to have a Stress-Less week, click here, and enjoy! by Marlene B.Brown,CEO-MarmeL Consulting Firm & TechnoTouch Marketing *Web site: * Email: Author: "TechnoTouch© Selling" & "Managing Change for the 21st Century" Topics: FutureTrends, Leadership, Net/Web Technology, Sales/Mktg PO Box 840, Clark Mills, NY 13321-0840 USA * Tel: 315-853-1318

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