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Among the leading-edge peripherals you'll find at Hewlett-Packard's
site is their HP Colorado external tape backup for data protection, and
their HP LaserJet Companion xi, an all-in-one printer accessory.

One of the latest and most exciting products of Phillips Magnzvox is
their ESP2 Digital Camera. Storing up to 100 pictures, its high
resolution pictures connect instantly and easily to both PC and TV.

While their Penium Processor's with MMX technology continue to
raisethe speed limits for home and business applications,
new BunnyPeople dolls are a unique gift you'll love.

You'll find a speech recognition technology called ViaVoice at IBM's
Web site, along with their Work Pad, a 6 ounce pocket PC companion,
a nifty lightweight accessory, plus technology solutions for your office.

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