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Check out these Just for Fun sites... and suggest sites to add!

If you need a laugh on a regular basis -- and who doesn't -- Dilbert's Web
site will do that for you with their hilarious cartoons spoofing the workplace.

It may not appeal to everyone, but for every grandparent who has rocked
a baby to sleep singing the "I Love You" song, the
Barney site is for you.

If Barney's not for you, then perhaps you may enjoy the Muppets Web site,
where all the delightful Jim Henson Sesame Street characters hold forth.

With science becoming an ever-more important topic, the Bill Ney Web
site provides some cool and enjoyable insights into how science works.

For all of you out there who are also Trekkie fans, the Star Trek Web
site holds a wealth of information, both recent and past.

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