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Ever wonder what daily holidays are celebrated throughout the year? We'll keep you updated here.
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Thurs., Dec. 31st is a New Year's Eve & A Day for "First Nights"!
All over the world, people are ushering in the year 1999. Some choose to celebrate with large crowds, while others choose to celebrate at family-based events.

Wed., Dec. 30th is Rudyard Kipling Day
Rudyard Kipling, English poet, novelist, short story writer, who won the Nobel prize for literature, was born in 1865 in Bombay India. Here are his poems:

& Madagascar Day
Today is a national holiday for the Malagasys, granted independence 40 years ago by French President De Gaulle.The world's 4th-largest island, it lies off the coast of Southern Africa.

Tues., Dec. 29th is Jon Voight Day & Enjoying ESP Day

Mon., Dec. 28th is Quoting from Poor Richard's Almanack Day
In 1733, young Ben Franklin published the first advertisement for his "Poor Richard's Almanack". Here are some of his proverbs and aphorisms:

& the Birthday of the King of Nepal
A three-day celebration begins today to celebrate the birthday of His Majesty.

Sun., Dec. 27th is Have Fun with Opera Day
Anna Russell, born in 1911, was one of the funniest divas who ever strode onto a stage and delivered straight-faced parodies she called "musical cartoons."

Sat., Dec. 26th is Boxing Day
Many people in Great Britain and other places around the world celebrate Boxing Day, with the concept of giving something away when you have a lot.

& Kwanzaa

It's been only 32 years since this festival was introduced. It's "seven guiding principles" are now an established part for many celebrating their African roots.

Fri., Dec. 25th is Christmas Day
Today is the day Christians worldwide celebrate the birth of Baby Jesus. Here's a wonderful selection of Yuletide sites:

Thurs., Dec. 24th is Christmas Eve

Wed., Dec. 23rd is & José Greco Day
Today is the 80th birthday of flamenco great José Greco. His son and namesake is carrying on the family tradition as both chief dancer and company director.

Tues., Dec. 22nd is Italian Opera Day
Italian Opera singer Giacomo Puccini was born in 1858. Known for La Boheme and Madame Butterfly, here's some of his beautiful music:

Mon., Dec.21st is Humbug Day
Frustrated preparing for Christmas? Today you can emit 12 "Humbugs!"

& Belgium's Nut Fair
Today, in Bastogne, Belgium, there's an observance recognizing US Brigadier Gen. Anthony McAuliffe's reply when Germany demanded his troops surrender. He reportedly answered, simply but definitely: "Nuts!"


Sun., Dec. 20th is Ramadan
One billion Muslims begin the month of Ramadan, during which they will fast from dawn to dusk as an act of sacrifice and purification. Here's an information-packed site:

& Sacajawea Day
Today marks the death of the Shoshone Native American woman who served as interpreter and guide for Lewis and Clark in 1805-06. The perseverance and resourcefulness of the "Bird Woman" helped save the expedition. Sacajawea's image (with her baby, who went along in a cradle board on the historic journey) is expected to grace a new one-dollar coin:


Sat., Dec. 19th is Greetings across the Miles Day
In 1958, the US Satellite "Atlas", launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida, transmitted the first radio voice broadcast from space, with a greeting from US President Eisenhower "to all...America's wish for peace on earth and good will toward men everywhere."

& NAIA Day
Today is the Championship Game of The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics. View their hdqrtrs website:

Fri., Dec. 18th is The Feast of Our Lady of Solitude
Today in Oaxaca, Mexico, the city celebrates an elaborate religious festival. View it here:

Thurs., Dec. 17th is Saturnalia, Bhutan Day, Ascension to throne of 1st King/National Day-1907; Colombia Independence Day-1819; Wright Brothers Day-1903; Venezuela Bolivar Day-1830; WorldUnderdog Day

Wed., Dec. 16th is Boston Tea Party Day
As part of a protest against "taxation without representation", in 1773 the "Sons of Liberty" dumped tea over the sides of British vessels anchored in Boston harbor.

& Bahrain Day
Today is National Day in Bahrain, the Muslim island nation in the Arabian Gulf. View it here:

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