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Ever wonder what day today is? I mean, not just to keep your sanity, but from the perspective of using that information as a marketing tool! We'll keep up-to-date posts here of daily holidays. Enjoy!

View November Holidays Below
Mon, November 30, is Call In "Well" Day
The PA Wellness Permission League points out that taking a day off once in a while is okay. Here's a "Be well" site:

& Winston Churchill Day
Born in 1874, Winston Churchill lived a full life. Here's a web site with lots of interesting info:

Upcoming Holidays: (come back tomorrow for their web sites)
Tues. Dec 1 is World AIDS Day & Yukon Order of Pioneers

Wed. Dec 2 is World AIDS Day & Day for the Yukon Order of Pioneers

Thurs., Dec 3 is Walter Plinge Day & Sylvia Sims Day

Fri. Dec 4, is Plant a Cherry Twig Day & National Grange Day

Sat. Dec 5 is Enjoy Mozart's Music, King of Thailand, &Walt Disney Day

Sun. Dec 6, is Give a Gift Day, Day of Quito, & Dave Brubeck Day

Sun., November 29, is Doo Dah Parade Day
Held today in Pasadena, CA, "a cross between The Little Rascals and a Fellini movie"

& C. S. Lewis Day
Born 1898 in Belfast, the writings of Clive Staples "Jack" Lewis, who taught and wrote at Oxford, are relevant today. Read about "The Inklings" here:

Sat., November 28th is John Bunyan Day
Born in England in 1628, John Bunyan, authored the classic, "Pilgrim's Progress" gopher://

& A Colonial Thanksgiving
On this day in CT, the Hempstead family demonstrates how their family
celebrated Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 27th is SINKIE Day
Here's a "Top 10" site about the day after Thanksgiving people who nibble leftovers at the kitchen sink:

& James Agee Day
The author of some great prose/poetry, including "A Death in the Family" was born in 1909.

Thurs., Nov 26th, 1st U.S. Holiday by Presidential Proclamation
In 1789, after Congress requested a day of public thanksgiving and prayer, President George Washington proclaimed the first "Thanksgiving Day." Here's a neat sermonette: & someThanksgiving Fun:

Wed., November 25th Shopping Reminder Day
As of today, there's exactly one month before Christmas ­ that's 23 more shopping days. Here are a couple of sites to visit for gift ideas: &

& Carry Nation Day
Carry Amelia Moore, one of the major organizers of the Women's Christian Temperance Union, was born in 1846. Read about her use of the hatchet here:

Tuesday, November 24th is Play a Joplin Rag Day
Scott Joplin, the King of Ragtime, was born in 1868.
View this musical innovator:

November 23, is TARDIS Day
TARDIS is an acronym for "Time and Relative Dimensions in Space"
Here's a Dr. Who (British sci-fi TV program) page:

& Pretend To Be Scary Day

Boris Karloff, born on this date in 1887 in London, England, became famous for his portrayal of Frankenstein's Monster.


November 22nd , is Games and Puzzles Week
If you enjoy board games and puzzles, go to this nifty site:

& Billie Jean King Day
Born in 1943, this triple-crown winner and humanitarian was the first female athlete to win over $100,000 prize money in a single season.
Here's a tennis trivia page:

& Lebanon's National Day!
As they celebrate Independence Day, we're reminded that the sun shines an amazing 300 days of the year in Lebanon. View pictures here: and


Saturday, November 21st, is World Hello Day
Begun 26 years ago, the idea of this day is to greet ten people with hello to advance peace through personal communication. Click here for the unique Hello Internet Café in Bangkok, Thailand and then view Thailand's annual elephant roundup:


Thursday, November 19th, is the Great American Smokeout
The American Cancer Society sponsors this "lighthearted event that encourages smokers to quit for 24 hours or forever."

& Brazil Day
Brazil borders every country in South America except Chile and Ecuador. View this beautiful diverse country

& Belize's Garifuna Day
This public holiday celebrates the shipwrecked slaves from St. Vincent and Rotan who were deported to an island off Hondorus - the unique cultural group of Black Caribs.


Tuesday, November 17th, is Make a Mobius Strip Day
Named after August Möbius, a 19th-century German astronomer and mathematician whose work centered on geometry. Learn how to make a band with no ends here:

Homemade Soup and Bread Day
As winter approaches, here are a number of recipes fit for the season. Archives, then recipes of Sept 1-14


Monday, November 16th, Singing the (Upbeat) Blues Day
W. C. Handy, the "Father of the Blues" was born in Alabama in 1873. He witnessed the birth of the blues and popularized jazz. Check this out:

& Films and Books for Kids Day
This week is devoted to celebrating reading to and with children. Here are some resources:


Saturday, November 14th, Claude Monet Day
Born in 1840 in Paris, this impressionistic painter of poplars and waterlilies was a master at translating light onto canvas. Here's a site to enjoy:

& Aaron Copland Day
An American composer born in 1900 in NYC, and a friend/mentor of Leonard Bernstine, Copland actively composed until he was seventy, then lectured and conducted. Here's a book about him made for children:


Sunday, November 15th, Be Seen in Jeans Day
At the Canadian Finals Rodeo, in Alberta, Canada, this is the week to wear jeans. Here is a retailer site:

& Georgia O'Keeffe Day
This great artist of the southwestern prairie was born in 1887, and lived to the age of 98. Photos of some of her vivid paintings, displayed online:


Friday, November 13th, Bucking Bulls Day
In Nashville, TN, today begins the Longhorn World Championship Rodeo finals. Here's a fan's page:

& Robert Louis Stevenson Day
This great poet and storyteller was born in 1850, at Edinburgh, Scotland.


Thursday, November 12th, Remembering Princess Grace Day
Born in 1929, Princess Grace, a rich Philadelphia girl who chose acting, married Prince Rainier in 1956, and died in an auto accident in 1982.
A fan's page:

& Sun Yat-Sen Day
Born in 1866, Sun Yat-Sen grew up to lead China's 1911 revolution, and become "the founding father of modern China." View the Ming Dynasty Garden here.


Wednesday, November 11th, Hour of the 11th Day of the 11th Month
November 11, 1918, was Armistice Day, when the signing of the Armistice signalled the end of WWI. In Canada, this day is called Remembrance Day. To honor all veterans who had served their country, Armistice Day became known as Veterans Day.
And here's a site that's part of the Vietnam Veterans' home page:


Tuesday, November 10th, U.S. Marine Corps Day
The U.S. Marine Corps was established in 1775. View their history at

& "Ahem! _________, I Presume" Day
In 1871 in Africa, journalist/explorer Henry Stanley found missing explorer/missionary David Livingstone. Read about it at Click on"Archive"; then "July 27"


Monday, November 9: Wear a Lovely Fragrance Day
National Fragrance Week begins today.

& Cambodia Day
Today is National Day in Cambodia.


Sunday, November 8: Split Pea Soup Week -
As colder weather sets in, you'll want this recipe

& Aid and Abet Punsters Day
View some laughable groans.


Saturday, November 7: Canadian Farmfair Day
Province of Alberta's trade and gift show

& Billy Graham Day
An evangelist turns 80


Friday, November 6: Marching to Music Day
Birthday of John Philip Sousa, author of "Stars & Stripes Forever"

& Sherlock Holmes Day
View works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


Thursday, November 5: Roy Rogers Day
Roy would have been 86 today; this site has some neat memories:

Norsefest Day
Minnesota's lutefisk website


Wednesday, November 4: Celebrating Films in the Banff Mountains
View the invitation:

& Will Rogers Day
View this site for great quotations from Will Rogers:

Tuesday, November 3: Bring a Sandwich Day
This site shows the area named for the first lord of the admiralty

Japan Culture Day
Here's a cyber visit to beautiful Nippon:


Monday, November 2nd: Daniel Boone Day
Here's a site telling Daniel's story in his words:

& Plan Your Own Epitaph Day
Here's a site that includes examples of people's epitaphs.


Sunday, November 1st: Enjoy Peanut Butter Day
View some peanut butter poems:

& Drum on Things Day
Here's a site with ideas on how to make drums:

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