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Ever wonder what daily holidays are celebrated throughout the year? We'll keep you updated here.
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Sun., Jan. 31st is Super Bowl Sunday
Some Super Bowl memories:
and a site for Super Bowl XXXIII:

& National Popcorn Day (& my daughter Christina's birthday!)
Popcorn is basically a healthy snack, tasty to eat, and useful in various arts and crafts.

Sat., Jan. 30th is Bon Soo in Ontario, CN
More than 100,000 folks will flood into Ontario, Canada to enjoy the festivities at "Bon Soo."

& It's Always Something Day
Today is the 201st anniversary of the very first brawl in the U.S. House of Representatives, occuring after an insult by one Rep resulted in a spat in the face. View it here:

Fri., Jan. 29th is Winter Carnival Day
This weekend winter carnivals are celebrated in many places. with snow sculptures and icy edifices.

& Oprah's B-Day
Actor, talk-show host, producer, Oprah Winfrey, one of the world's most admired women, celebrates her birthday today. Here's her home page:

& National Puzzle Day
Today is for indulging yourself with a puzzle and sharing your favorites with others.

Thurs., Jan. 28th is Claes Oldenberg Day
Born in 1929, in Stockholm, Claes Oldenberg, avant garde astist and sculptor, was the son of a Swedish diplomat. View collaborations with his wife, Coosje vanBruggen here:

Wed., Jan. 27th is Mozart Day
In 1756, Wolfgang Amadeua Mozart, one of the world's greatest musicians ever, was born at Salzburg, Austria. Performing at the age of three, and composing at five, he left the world over 625 compositions.

& Jerome Kern Day
Born in 1885, this American composer wrote many great scores for stage and screen. Here's a Jerome Kern Songbook, sung by Ella Fizgerald:
Tues, Jan. 26th is India's Republic Day
In 1929, the Indian National Congress resolved to work toward establishing a sovereign republic. 21 years later, Basant Panchmi became a reality.

& Dentist's Drill Day
In 1875, the electric dentist's drill patent was granted to George Green in Kalamazoo, Mich.
Mon., Jan. 25th is Robert Burns Day
Scotland's most famous poet, Robert Burns, was born in 1759. "Take a cup of kindness yet" and view:

& Listen Compassionately Day
Veritas Programming, in Vermont, urge us all to take time this week to be compassionate listeners to survivors.

Sun., Jan. 24th is Canned Beer Day
In 1935 in Richmond, Virginia, beer was sold in cans for the first time, eliminating the need to get a pail filled at the saloon! Here's a site for beer can collectors:

& Bolivia Alacitis Fair Day
Today, in Bolivia, a traditional celebration by Aymara Indians is held, with offerings and prayers to their god of prosperity. Here's a fiesta:

Sat., Jan. 23rd is National Spieling Day
Today is the day to go on and on, verbally, a day when speakers are encouraged to be anything but brief, and listeners are encouraged to applaud at the end.

& Babin Den Day / Granny's Day
On this day midwives and grandmothers are honored in Bulgaria.

Fri., Jan. 22nd is Queen Victoria Day
Queen Victoria, who died in 1901, reigned for 63 years, greatly influencing the century in which she lived.

& St. Vincent's Feast Day
Today is the day when St. Vincent, a Spanish deacon and martyr, is expected to bless the fields and help the grapes grow well. In honor of the Champagne region of France, a contest is held today. View info here:

Wed., Jan. 20th is Little Orphan Annie Day!
"Annie", who first appeared in 1924, compliments of her creator, Harold L. Gray demonstrated the values of perseverance, independence, and courage.

Tues., Jan. 19th is Appreciate Tin Cans Day!
In 1825, Ezra Daggett & Thomas Kensett obtained the patent granted for the process of storing food in tin cans.

Mon. Jan. 18th is A.A. Milne Day & part of Healthy Weight Week
Alan A. Milne, born in London, England in 1882, in his later life wrote a series of stories that would entrace "Pooh lovers" forever .

Sun. Jan. 17th is Bless the Animals Day

Sat. Jan. 16th is Ethel Merman Day
Born in 1909, Ethel Zimmerman entertained millions with her powerhouse rendition of "There's No Business Like Show Business".

& Robert Service Day
"Bard of the Yukon" Robert Service wrote the poem "Cremation of Sam McGee."

& a Day for Civil Servants
The Civil Service, created in 1883 by the U.S. Congress, encompasses a wide range of jobs:

Fri. Jan. 15th is the birthday of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Celebrated on the third Monday in January, today is the birth anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr, who devoted most of his life working for peace and equality. Great info:

& Adults' Day in Japan
On January 15, following their twentieth birthday, and now considered adults, young men and women are honored at a festival called "Seijin-no hi."

& British Museum Day
In 1759, the British Museum opened its doors at Montague House in London with great exhibits.

Thurs. Jan. 14th is Albert Schweitzer Day
Today is the birth anniversary of Albert Schweitzer, one of the most admired 20th century figures.

& Lewis Carroll Day
Today is the 101st anniversary of the death of Charles L. Dodgson, author of the "Alice through the looking glass " stories. Interesting info here:

Wed., Jan. 13th is Stephen Foster Day,
Presidential Proclamation declared this the day to remember the author of "Beautiful Dreamer" and other great Swanee River songs. View some here:

& a Day for Honest Hard Work
The books of the Reverend Horatio Alger, Jr., born this day in 1834, may have influenced Alfred Fuller - founder of the Fuller Brush Company - born in 1885 in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Tues., Jan. 12th is John Hancock Day
Born in 1737, merchant and statesman John Hancock, President of the Continental Congress, signed the document first, with a large legible flourish.

& Tanzania's Zanzibar Revolution Day
While Tanzanians celebrate "Revolution Day", visitors focus on camera safaris through Tanzanian wilds and the view from the heights of majestic Mount Kilimanjaro.

Mon., Jan. 11th is Amelia Earhart Day
In 1935, two and a half years before her final flight, Amelia Earhart, the "pilot in pearls" began her two-day solo flight across the Pacific Ocean.

& Plough Monday Day
The first working day after the Twelfth Day of Christmas, designated "Plough Monday" is meant to be the day to plant your nose firmly to the grindstone once again, and to have one more day of fun by getting up early to dance.

Sun., Jan. 10th is Ethan Allen Day
Born in 1738 in CT, Ethan Allen served the Continental Congress commanding VT's "Green Mountain Boys." A "man of conscience":

& Save the Eagles Day
Floridian Doris Mager, the "Eagle Lady", founded S.O.A.R. in an attempt to save the eagle from its endangered status. Here's more about her conservation interest:


Sat., Jan. 9th is Law Over Tyranny Day
In 1770, William Pitt, Earl of Chatham, proclaimed in the British House of Lords, "Where law ends, tyranny begins", believing that power tends to corrupt.

&"I Shall Return" Day
In 1945, American forces returned to the Philippine Islands to fulfill a promise made by General Douglas MacArthur that he would return to rescue them.

Fri., Jan. 8th is Don't Fight After It's Over Day
Today is the anniversary of the 1915 Battle of New Orleans. Pirate Jean Lafitte helped future American president Andrew Jackson win a significant battle. The irony of it? The War of 1812 was already over - they hadn't received word yet!

Thurs., Jan. 7th is Hot Air Ballooning Day
Born in 1745, Jacques Montgolfier, a merchant and inventor, conducted experiements with paper and fabric bags filled with smoke and hot air, leading to the invention of the hot air balloon. A beautiful experience for those who've done it:

Wed., Jan. 6th is Feast of the Epiphany Day
Epiphany is traditionally the time when the Magi, the "Three Kings", arrived at the manger and laid down their gifts. In some countries, it's a gift-giving occasion; in others it's the religious celebration of Christmas. Here's one version:

Tues., Jan. 5th is X-Ray Day
In 1895, the 50-year-old German physicist William Roentgen, who became the first Nobel laureate in physics, discovered a short-wave radiation, the "X-Ray".

Mon., Jan. 4th is Someday We'll Laugh About This
As we begin a new year, and try to stay true to resolutions made, it's time to practice laughing a little at ourselves. The Humor Project page helps us get started.

Sun., Jan. 3rd is Go, Frodo Day

John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, who wrote a series of adventures of little creatures with furry feet, was born in 1892. Here are a number of links:

& Seward's Folly Day
In 1867, the Stars and Stripes was raised over the territory called Alaska, by visionary US Secretary of State Seward. Here's more:

Sat., Jan. 2nd is Kakizome Day
A traditional festival begins today in Japan, as strokes of the first calligraphic writing of the year are made on paper with the traditional brushes.

Fri., Jan. 1st is a New Year's Day & E.M. Forster Day
People around the world are celebrating the beginning of a new year, as we've ushered in 1999. Also, in 1879, E. M. Forster, a prolific writer, was born in London. site:

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