The Connectivity Era© & Millennium Marketing...4-98

The Trend to Millennium Marketing in the Connectivity Era has changed drastically both businesses and marketing approaches. From the beginning of the Industrial Revolution until 1930, business was concerned primarily with manufacturing products. Between the 30's and the 50's, most businesses sold products using aggressive emotional sales pitches. Between the 50's and the 90's, marketing emerged as the branch whose purpose was to discover and satisfy buyers' wants and needs.

In what I've termed the Connectivity Era, the emphasis is on services, with the appeal to clients, not customers. Change is so rapid that we don't even take the time to forecast and develop 1-year plans, let alone 5-year plans. Life on the WorldWideWeb does not move in annual increments. As society has changed, we must change our marketing approach. We need to focus on the needs of clients, and market to individuals.

And we need to develop mutual learning arrangements with our clients. Mutual learning and constant communication with and between clients, associates, and vendors, will help all of us with our bottom-line. Not only will that prepare us for the millennium that's just around the corner, it will help lower the stress level of a hectic lifestyle that won't go away, and add more joy to the journey.

This is what I refer to as taking a lesson from the Ant Colonies as we connect the Human Colony. Click here to see the impact that's had on some.

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