Valuable Software Programs

Click to discover exciting new software seen at Comdex '98.

Adobe's Pagemaker 6.5, the leading professional publishing software for
printed and on-line pages, is a fully integrated package that will wow you.

If you want the best contact management program out there, GoldMine's
software, used by salespeople everywhere, is a must for any company.

Take a look at the first desktop software package, Yesler Alive, that
allows non-technical people to put rich media presentations on the Web.

This neat user-friendly program called GoBack™ allows personal computer
users to
recover from minor computer "oops" and major system glitches.

The Year 2000 or Y2K bug is attacked by The Millennium Bug Kit, a neat
program that diagnoses and fixes problems by applying a removable

NEC Systems has a great Java multimedia Creation Kit named Auraline
that's loaded with all sorts of special Web page features.

Joining the ranks of Ulead's MediaStudio Pro and PhotoImpact is a new
program called
Cool 3D, letting you create animated 3D graphics.

The products of ViaGrafix provide interactive learning solutions to computer
software training viaVideo or CD-Rom. A neat new program is

A new language translation program called EasyLingo lets you translate,
words in text, email, or web page, to and from English in 6 languages.

In addition to their award-winning SmartSuite and Notes v.4.6 program,
Lotus has a neat Bean Machine which creates multimedia java applets.

If you're an educator or administrator, the FEA/United has an interactive
multimedia development tool on Effective
Classroom Management.

Want to create and put a finished newsletter on the Web? Adobe Acrobat
will let you do that. It can then be easily read using the free Adobe Reader.

With AP Internet, you will be able to send and receive Internet E-mail to
one or more contacts and call up your Web Browser through Action Plus.

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