Want to win a Clio? - Marketing & Advertising 6-22-98

The Clio is the advertising world's most recognized and coveted award. This year, nearly 17,000 entries were received for the 38th Annual Clio International Advertising Festival. Only a select few were recognized and honored as winners of this year's award. Advertising is an essential part of marketing. Successful marketers have different sense organs than other people. They listen, keep people excited, generate ideas, know the pulse of their market, and the heartbeat of the company they're working for. This means interacting with everyone in the corporate environment.

Marketing people must know how widgets are made so they can make them more customer-friendly. They must make sure there's a market for the product R&D come up with. While the job of the Director of Sales is to sell, the Director of Marketing's job is to make sure the sales projections can become a reality. Successful marketers are proactive visionaries who create a Marketing Plan that includes an Advertising Campaign.

The best marketers are those who have expertise in writing winning ad copy, or they find someone who can. The more familiar your business name, the more likely it is that people will order from you. For example, would you buy chicken from Perdue or PepsiCo? If you're selling to folks who've never bought from you, your image is the most important thing you have. Therefore, the layout, typeface used, borders, etc. all become extremely important.

You may think me a contrarian, but I believe the job of the Director of Advertising is to create copy that will SELL, not just win awards. Let me explain why. You all are probably familiar with the ad featuring the bunny that never quits. Let me ask you -- which brand of batteries are they selling? EverReady or Duracell? If you have to guess, or look up the answer, then I submit to you that the advertising and marketing people didn't do their job as well as they could. On the other hand, if you know instantly what product the uniquely croaking trio of frogs are selling, they've done their job well.

Currently, another company has a series of ads running, each telling a story of sorts, almost like a mini-movie. Not until the end do you see the logo of the company, and then only briefly. While they've won advertising awards, the sales have not been there for that company. When I work with a client, my main goal is to make sure the marketing plan we devise and implement and the advertising campaign we structure and pull together will result in sales.

As part of one of the Marketing/Advertising/Sales contracts our firm has, we designed and constructed a web page for the company, who has a great product and service. You'll find our beginning work at http://www.anionics.com. Anionics is a Greek word meaning moving energy. When you view the page, you'll see why and what we did with it. By the way, if you haven't E-mailed us for your FREE "10 Marketing Tips", you may do so at our MarmeL home page at http://www.technotouch.com.

And just so you don't have to strain your brain on this Monday morning, the trio of frogs advertises Budweiser and the mini-movies advertise Nissan. Have a great week.

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