The Best is Yet to Come...Are You Ready? 5-98

Have you ever wandered down Restaurant Row, just off Broadway in NYC, on a beautiful summer-like evening, then listened to the dulcet tones of a marvelous singer? We did that last weekend, while I was in the Big Apple to deliver a presentation. It put into perspective many of the happenings going on in the world that impact on all of us, and our companies. But first, another brief mindshare quiz for you.

What major world figure recently tied up traffic in NYC? Why was the Empire State Building bathed in blue lights? What brilliant marketing tactic did Seinfeld use in their last program? Who's heading a group trying to purchase the Minnesota Vikings? What is the first TV channel to focus exclusively on computers and the Internet? What two industries currently rank at the top of E-Commerce sales? Who is David Wells? What comedian recently got knighted? What's up at the Metcon site? What major political figure just admitted they're uncomfortable with computers? Who's on my mind this week? How do you know if you're a TechnoNerd?

After I finished my speaking engagement, the weather was so beautiful we left the hotel on foot. Apparently, someone else had the same thought. Several streets were blocked off, causing a bit of grumbling from NYC residents, and amused smiles from we visitors. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had emerged from a Manhattan hotel, surrounded by security officers, to walk six blocks to a synagogue. Looking up - as tourists are prone to do - we spotted the Empire State Building, the top half of which was bathed in blue light to mourn the death of Frank Sinatra.

After dinner at Danny's Skylight Room Cabaret, we were treated to a marvelous musical medley by Mark Moore. What a talented young man, so much so that we purchased his new C-D entitled, "The Best is Yet to Come." Frank would have approved. Thursday night, we had watched the last Seinfeld show on television. I remarked to Earl, "not only was the show enjoyable, but the concept was a brilliant marketing tactic that will reap big bucks." Why? How many people have you talked to since who made comments that they missed some of the shows and would look to catch them on the reruns? The best is yet to come for Seinfeld syndication.

Novelist Tom Clancy is heading a group trying to purchase the Minnesota Vikings for $200 million. This should add intrigue to the fast-approaching football season. ZDTV is the first TV channel to focus exclusively on computers and the Internet. They just rolled out their cable and satellite TV lineup of news and entertainment shows. Known for its computer magazines, Ziff-Davis has one of the most heavily trafficked site on the Internet. I predict their 24 hour channel will be as successful as CNN & MSNBC's 24 hour channels. While many companies are making money on the Internet, many more are taking advantage of the exposure, knowing that millions of people are shopping and making buying decisions every day on the Net and Web.

The two industries who currently rank at the top of E-Commerce success stories are Computer Hardware, followed by Online Travel. Already enjoying online sales of nearly two million and one and a half million, respectively, these industries are projected to double and triple their online sales by the year 2000. The best is yet to come on the Web -- are you there yet, and are you ready to take advantage of it?

David Wells, who admits he has some flaws (who amongst us doesn't?) was perfect for a day. Last Sunday, he pitched the 13th perfect game in modern major league history, a 4-0 win for the New York Yankees. Across the ocean, English-born comedian Bob Hope was knighted by Britain's ambassador to the U.S. When prompted by his wife, Delores, to make a speech, his one-liner of "Why?" brought laughter from those in the posh hall.

Metcon has slide handouts of the general session presentation I gave for them up on their site. Well done, Merl. Check them out at Meantime, Janet Reno admitted she was so uncomfortable with computers, she was going back to pen and pad. Hey, Janet, give me a call - I'll help you overcome that fear!

The best is indeed yet to come, for all of us who embrace technology, and make our presence felt on the Internet and the Web. As with everything else, just putting up a web page won't do it. Knowing how to properly design it, and submit it to search engines in a manner that guarantees you'll rank right up there near the top, does make the difference. I enjoy helping clients achieve this.

Want to find out if you're a TechnoNerd? Click here for a short smile-provoking stress reliever - And finally, I think often of the friends I made on my trip to Jakarta to present for H-P. I pray this beautiful region soon finds a peaceful solution to their current situation. "The best is yet to come..."

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