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1) Although the 8008-based Scelbi-8H kit probably has the honor of being the first personal computer, this Intel 8080-based computer (having sold 2,000 in 1975) is generally credited with starting the home computer era.
2) It was the first product developed by Bill Gates' new company, MicroSoft.
3) This company introduced the first "portable" computer weighing in at 24 lbs. and costing $1,795.
4) It debuted in 1977 with a 6502 CPU, 16K RAM, 16K ROM and cassette storage and color graphics.
5) This software teamed with the Apple II computer to establish personal computers as viable business tools.
6) The IBM PC, based on Intel's 16-bit 8088, came with 64K of RAM, a 5.25 floppy and cost $3,000. What year was it released?
7) Columbia Data produced the first PC clone, but this company is generally credited with that reverse engineering feat.
8) This company introduced the graphical user interface (GUI) and the mouse.
9) The IBM AT, introduced in 1984, set new standards in computing power. It came with a 286CPU running at 6MHZ, and a 20 meg Hard Drive. Its cost?
10) It came out with IBM's new XT in 1983.
11) The Mac debuted in 1984, Windows was introduced in what year?
12) It was the fourth version of Windows that seriously challenged Apple's GUI dominance. Although Windows 3.0 had come close two years earlier, this version added stability and features that presented a serious challenge to Apple's dominance. Windows 3.1 was released in what year?
13) Wayne Ratliff's creation was intended to manage a company's football pool.
14) Although Electric Pencil was the first microcomputer based word processor, this software became the market standard in 1979.
15) Dan Bricklin's VisiCalc was sold in 1985 to what company?
16)After failure an NeXt followed his initial success, he recently resurrected his career at Pixar.
17) He was the co-founder and technical genius responsible for Apple's success.
18) Gary Kildall developed this operating system. It was IBM's first choice when negotiating for an operating system to run the original IBM PC.
19) He was the chief engineer behind the Macintosh graphics engine.
20) It was the first mass-produced computer with a graphical interface.

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