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Quiz on Basic Computer Systems

  1. Which one is an INPUT device?

  2. Which one is the device that is the "brain" of a computer system?

  3. Which one is an OUTPUT device?

  4. Which part is NOT an INPUT device?

  5. Which part is NOT an OUTPUT device?

  6. Which one is a STORAGE device?

  7. Which part is NOT a STORAGE device?

  8. A Zip Disk is a STORAGE device.

  9. A MIDI Keyboard is a PROCESSOR.

  10. The Three-Step Information Process is: INPUT PROCESSING OUTPUT

Click here to send your answers, and we'll let you know how you did!



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Basic Computer Terminology

Hardware The physical components of the computer system.
Software The programs or instructions that tell the computer what to do.
CPU The brain of the computer or central processing unit.
ROM The permanent memory that is built in your computer. This is read only.
RAM The computer's working memory, sometimes called random-accessed memory.
Megabyte Approximately a million bytes.
Gigabyte Approximately a billion bytes (or 1,000 megabytes).
Input Device The hardware that is used to pass information into the computer.
Output Device The hardware that receives and dislplays information coming from the computer.
Modem The device that allows your computer to talk to other computers over a telephone line.
Monitor A video or computer display device.
Laser Printer A printer that uses both laser and photographic technology to produce high quality output.
Printer The hardware that provides printed output from the computer.
Hard Copy A printed copy of computer output.
Compact Disc A disc on which a laser has digitally recorded information such as audio, video, or computer data.
Hard Disk A fixed, large-capacity magnetic storage medium for computer data.
Floppy Disk A portable magnetic storage medium for computer data that allows users to randomly access information.
Graphical User Interface The use of graphical symbols instead of text commands to control common computer functions such as copying programs and disks.
Icon A small picture or symbol respresenting a computer hardware function or component.
Ink-jet Printer A type of printer that forms letters on the page by shooting tiny electrically charged droplets of ink.


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Internet Terminology

Internet computers connected throughout the world
server manages and delivers info. for client computer
PSP Public Service Provider
WWW World Wide Web
Browser software that allows user to access & View web pages
Netscape popular graphical browser
homepage first web page viewed
URL Uniform Resource Locator
HTML HyperText Markup Language
HTTP HyperText Transfer Protocol
Hyperlinks highlighted words that take you to another page
Firewall security measures designed to protect network
host computer on the Internet
domain name of computer on the Internet
bookmark keeps a web address handy
Archie finds files on Net
Gopher finds info. by using menus
FTP File Transfer Protocol
Address identification code


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Telecommunications Terminology

channel medium through which information travels
receiver person or device that recieves information
source person or device that sends information
telecommunications transmissin of info. from one location to another by electronic means
BBS bulletin board system for posting messages
online directly connected to the CPU
modem device used to connect computer to telephone line
baud the speed of a communications channel
email electronic mail
password way to limit access to computer info.
ATM automated teller machine for banking transactions
EFT electronic funds transfer
Boolean search criteria where two or more conditions must be true for successful search
keywords words using in programming that instruct the computer to perform a function
virus program designed to attach itself to other programs; it can damage data files and cause system failures
hacking persistent efforts to use a computer to gain illegal or unauthorized entry to another computer system
phonefraud illegal use of telephones or lines to avoid charges
satellite earth-orbiting man-made object off of which telecommunicatin signals and computer data are bounced
network system of linked computers and other devices that allows computers to share and exchange info.
SIG Special Interest Group--group of people with common interests who share info. about their interests on a BBS
SYSOP Systems Operator; manages BBS
piracy duplication & distribution of copyrighted software
vandalism damage & destroy computer records, information, or network


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Tongue in Cheek Quiz on Internet Knowledge

  1. HTML is . . .

    a computer software package
    a programming language
    the British CIA in Indonesia
    a surly mixed guava cocktail
    what I get from my mother's cooking

  2. You take care of your computer by:

    watering it often
    beating it regularly
    letting it snort heroin
    not letting it smoke
    singing to it

  3. The higher your modem speed, the faster . . .

    your eyeballs will fry
    you will get cancer
    scary men will find you
    your phone will ring
    information arrives at your doorstep

  4. Computers make fine:

    chewing gum
    sexual toys
    punching bags

  5. Respiration is:

    something only the new PowerMacs can perform
    the coupling of two Great Turtles
    Newt Gingrich's cologne
    why plants are green

  6. The Internet is also known as:

    the Information Superhighway
    my mother
    the West Coast's I-95

  7. DPI refers to:

    Data Process Information
    Data Protocol Integration
    Denny's Pork Ice-cream
    Dots Per Inch

  8. A typical thing that your boyfriend/girlfriend would say to you is: (having said boy/girl-friend my be considered hypothetically if necessary)

    who are you?
    remember that thing with the Marachino Cherries? Well I can do it upside-down now. So, what's with the computer?
    have you eaten all of your broccoli today?
    start runnin', or I'm going to fire!
    I just love what you do with your PC!

  9. The easiest way to jumpstart a computer is:

    with caffeine
    with my breath
    a good pick-up line
    by using the power button
    through The Force

  10. DOOM is best described as:

    a bloodthirsty PC slaughterfest
    the militia-man's bible
    a waste of time
    the nickname of my Chevy Nova

  11. Ethically, I find recent laboratory experiments combining Bill Gates DNA with silicon microchips to be:

    dispicable; God will punish the offspring by making them in the image of Beavis and Butthead, and you can quote me on that!
    No problem at all. Hell, I want one!
    on par with the Oprah Windrey Show

  12. This survey:

    was not as exciting as my computer lab
    is the worst thing since processed cheese
    has allowed me to get in touch with my feminine nature.
    was written by a twisted little freak
    held my attention as long as my last s.o

Click here to send your answers, and we'll let you know how you did!


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Internet / Technology Survey

Your Fullname

1. Are you comfortable sending and receiving email messages?

2. Do you need help with attachments?

3. Are you comfortable saving files to a floppy disk or the hard drive and finding them again?

4. Are you comfortable with the Internet?

5. Do you need to know about plug-ins and downloading?

Click here to send your answers, and we'll let you know how you did!


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Computer PC Survey

Your Fullname

1. Are you comfortable using the mouse, including double-clicking?

2. Are you comfortable typing simple letters or documents using your favorite wordprocessor (Word, WordPerfect, Claris Works, etc.)?

3. Have you spent time on the web so you feel comfortable going to a specific address and bookmarking sites?

4. Are you comfortable saving files to a floppy disk or the hard drive and finding them again?

5. Are you comfortable sending and receiving email messages?

6. Are you able to install and use simple software (such as that which you can check out from REMC)?

Click here to send your answers, and we'll let you know how you did!


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Word Processor Survey

Your First Name

1. Do you know how to open/close a document?

2. Do you know how to save a document?

3. Do you know how to print a document?

4. Do you know how to use the Spell Check feature?

5. Do you know how to use the cut/copy/paste feature?

6. Do you know how to format text?

7. Do you know how to use the AutoCorrect feature?

8. Do you know how to change the top, bottom, left, and right margins?

Click here to send your answers, and we'll let you know how you did!


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