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TechnoTouch: Managing Change for 21st Century Leadership by Marlene B. Brown
The word TechnoTouch was coined by best selling author and business futurist Marlene B. Brown in 2004.

Product Description: Are you keeping up with the rapid changes facing both you and your company? Written in fast-paced dialogue form, this book takes the reader on an adventurous journey from life in a stagnated pond to a sea full of energy. Bring profit, pleasure, and passion into your business and your life by navigating the waves of change while enjoying the process. TechnoTouch gives you an approach that has worked for 1,000's and will work for you.

From the Publisher: Marlene B. Brown is an enthusiastic example of mastering change to live one's life to the fullest. Her philosophically spiritual approach to the direction organizations and people must take to be successful in today's world is an exciting must read.

Now available in paperback.

#105 - Retail Price $14.95
Sale Price $11.95

The Challenge of Change by Business Futurist and Marketing Strategist Marlene B. Brown
The Challenge of Change: Video, Audio, and Workbook filmed and written by Business Futurist Marlene B. Brown

Marlene's client list includes: IBM, GTE, PCMA, MPI, ASAE, Xerox, the DC Capitol Staff, and Pacific Resorts Int'l. In a witty style she shares how she's transformed her business and the business of her many customers in the corporate world by giving them the tools to gear up for the new millennium.

Marlene has walked her talk in meeting the challenges in her life. She went up in a hot air balloon to overcome her fear of flying, and walked on the bottom of the ocean to overcome her fear of water. Although she was a techie neophyte eight years ago, she has innovatively embraced technology and change, and now shares that. Marlene's new and timely concepts help stimulate you and your people to recognize the trends in your industry and turn vision into action.

#505 - Retail Price $79.95
Sale Price $39.95

Communicating Successfully Between Genders and Among Cultures by Marlene B. Brown
Communicating Successfully Between Genders and Among Cultures: Video/Audio/Workbook filmed/written by Marlene B. Brown

Communication is powerfully influenced by contexts, gstures, intonation, pauses, interpersonal space, and time. Often, what is not said is far more important than what is. Learn to employ positive communication, as shared by speaker/consultant/futurist Marlene B. Brown.

#515 - Retail Price $79.95
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Shared Leadership Through Empowerment by Management Consultant Marlene B. Brown
Shared Leadership Through Empowerment: a Video, Audio, and Workbook filmed / written by Strategist Marlene B. Brown

Marlene Brown holds a master's degree in education, communication and psychology with advanced work in technology, marketing, and administrative leadership. A former college instructor, high school teacher, and top-rated American Management Association instructor, Marlene shares her knowledge.

#510 - Retail Price $79.95
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Better Better Best, No Matter What Your Quest, the MarmeL TechnoTouch theme song, written by Marlene B. Brown
"Better, Better, Best - No Matter What Your Quest" is the inspirational TechnoTouch theme song with words and music written by professional speaker, Marlene B. Brown

#315 - Retail Price $12.95
Sale Price $9.95

TechnoTouch: Managing Change for 21st Century Leadership, the best selling book read on audio tape by Marlene B. Brown
The best selling book by Business Futurist Marlene B. Brown, TechnoTouch: The Journey to 21st Century Success, on audiotape, read by the author.

#310 - Retail Price $12.95
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